Every home is different!!

 Here are some of the reasons why we just don't simply provide a flat hourly rate or charge by the square foot:
* Home sizes are different
* How many people live in the home?
* Do you have kids?
* Do you have any pets?
* What level of clean are you looking for? Deep?
* How often are you looking for cleaning?
* What areas in your home are we going to be cleaning?

As you can see... a home with a retired couple compared to the same size home with 2 working adults, 3 kids and 2 dogs will come out differently priced.

Myself and my husband Eric will set up a time to do a full walk-though of your home, see what your cleaning needs are and base a price upon those exact needs....that takes less than 30 minutes (unless we get to chatting!!) It is a win-win for everyone to me!!



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